How to Not Want Wine Every Night

This class is taught by:

Joy Herbst

Joy Herbst is a holistic nurse practitioner, sober living guide, Ayurveda counselor, certified yoga teacher, and mother of 2 young boys. She works with those who struggle with depression, anxiety and substance use disorder, providing integrative mental health care and sober living support. She also offers Yoga of Recovery classes and Women for Sobriety meetings.

Joy is an ardent advocate of the body’s innate ability to heal, and its wisdom at lifting of emotional stressors that often manifest in disruptions of our physical state. Knowing personally how emotional stress as a working mother can lead to self-medicating with alcohol and food, and therefore lead to illness and dis-ease, she is passionate about empowering her clients with co-created wellness plans that guide and reconnect them to their inner healer. She celebrates a grateful life of empowered sobriety since 2014.

This offering is for women only.
Better understand why you reach for the wine, and how to make it more of a conscious decision.
In this workshop, you will explore the 5 essential strategies to drink less wine at the end of the day, including:
  • How to feel the “feels” and handle difficult emotions without alcohol.
  • How to naturally crave LESS alcohol with simple, but powerful best practices.
  • How to support your brain and body to swiftly relieve the desire for that alcoholic drink/glass of wine.