Revolving Teacher

Revolving Teacher instructs the following:
  • Kundalini Sadhana
  • The program consists of sitting meditation listening to Japji recitation yoga set (postures and breath). Morning meditation with 62 min of chanting. Warm ups and yoga set (kriya) morning meditation consisting of the same 7 chants (one for each chakra) followed by relaxation. There is very little music, with softer background music and mantras. All are welcome, although there will not be guidance and directions for people new to Kundalini.

    Your class card is not charged for this class, it is listed as free in our system. 

    Wearing white is preferred but not an obligation.

  • Open House Class Sampler!
  • Give us 2 hours, we'll give you the world -- of yoga! You'll stay on your mat while our teachers rotate through offering short explanations and experiences of our classes. A taste of Gentle, Restorative, Kundalini, Flow, Yoga Nidra, and QiGong will be offered. Wellness Services will be highlighted as well including: Sleep Consults, Thermography, Alchemy and Thai Yoga.