Rachel Mazzarelli

Rachel has her masters in Clinical Nutrition and is a Kripalu certified yoga teacher. Prior to opening her own practice, she worked in the Fitness and Wellness industry for over 10 years. Rachel is incredibly passionate about the power of practice both on and off the mat and taking care of our earth as that directly correlates to taking care of our bodies. Currently she is a full- time mom committed to raising healthy balanced children. Her hooping journey began three years ago when she was given an adult sized hoop and was able to experience first hand the joys that this simple toy has to offer.

Rachel Mazzarelli instructs the following:
  • Hula Hooping at the Beach!
    Join us at the beach for some old school & free spirited fun...hula hooping!! We provide the hoops!
    Hula hooping, despite declining in popularity since the 1950s, is an uplifting way to get fit, relieve stress, and enjoy moving your body like a kid! 

    The spiraling movement of the hoop massages you. The different tempos relaxes your whole body, calms your nervous system, releases endorphins, pumps your cranio-sacral fluid, clears your chakras, AND makes you laugh! Your inner child will love it.

    The best part of hooping in a group is that you will grow your love for hooping as an individual. You can take this practice on any vacation, beach trip, or BBQ. Whether you have 5 minutes a day or several hours a week to practice, the benefits are endless.

    We will meet in front of the Beachhouse at Jennings Beach and then walk together to our hooping location by the marina. Bring your suits and go for a swim when we’re done!

    Price : $25 pay in advance

    $30 pay at the beach*

    *exact cash or check please!

    Beach pass required unless you bike, carpool, or walk!  If you drive and do not have a Fairfield Beach pass, you will need to park on Clinton Street and walk in or pay for parking.