Yoga For Everybody FAQ's

1. I’m new to yoga/your studio. How do I get started?

Welcome! If you have any questions you can always stop by the office during our business hours (9am-5pm Monday – Friday) or call (203.254.YOGA) to talk to us. If you are brand new to our studio you can purchase 3 weeks of unlimited yoga for $30 (plus tax) at your first visit only. This purchase can be made online, or at the studio upon your first visit to a class. To check out other pricing options visit our pricing page under classes. When you arrive to the studio, just give yourself a few extra minutes (and a few more if you’re coming on a Saturday or Sunday) to fill out a new student form and to get familiar.

2. What is Yoga For Everybody’s workshop cancellation and registration policy?

Workshop sales are non-refundable. Full payment is required to reserve your space. Cancellations made within 7 days of the start of the event will be issued a full credit for the amount of workshop, minus sales tax, to your Yoga For Everybody account. Cancellations made within 6-1 days of the start of the event will be issued a 50% credit for the amount of workshop, minus sales tax, to your Yoga For Everybody account. Credit will not be issued for day-of cancellations.


3. How old do I have to be to come to class?

At least 14 years old. Any child under the age of 16 will need a parent/legal guardian to complete our registration form & explicitly grant permission for the child to take class. If your child is younger than 14 and you’d like to take him or her WITH you to class, please call 203.254.YOGA (9642) to discuss with one of the studio managers.

4. Do you offer yoga classes for kids?

While we do not have a permanent kids yoga class on our regular schedule, here’s what we offer: (
1) A regular series of Yoga for Middle School Girls throughout the school year. This class is 60 minutes after school one day a week, for tween girls only
2) Baby & Me (6 weeks - pre-crawlers), and 
3) special workshops such as Family Yoga (kids ages 4 – 12) running about once a month and Moonrise Beach Yoga for kids (kids ages 5 – 12) in the summer. 

5. Where do I park when I come to your studio?

Lots of options! There is street parking on the roads close to and surrounding the studio such as Unquowa Road (pronounced un-koo-wa) (3 hours), Sanford (2 hours), Post Road (2 hours), as well as a public lot off of Reef Road (behind the Gazebo in the town green) - please take note of the posted time restrictions (most are 2hrs and run 7am-6pm). Fairfield is diligent about ticketing.

6. I’m not flexible at all. Can I still practice yoga?

That’s a great reason to start practicing! Yoga is about so much more than flexibility in the body. The fact that you asked about yoga at all is the perfect reason to try it!

7. What do I wear to a class?

A good rule of thumb is to wear to class something that once you sit on your mat, you won’t have to worry about. Select clothing that allows ease of movement while simultaneously providing consistent coverage. We discourage wearing socks as they could be injurious (detract from stability on your mat). It may sound obvious, but please do consider the various movement of legs and arms when selecting your yoga clothing – if choosing shorts wear undergarments, and avoid street clothing like jeans.

8. What do I need to bring to a yoga class? A meditation class?

If you have a mat bring one and if you don't have one we have mats to either purchase or borrow ($1 rental fee). We have a water cooler so if you want to bring a water bottle with a closed lid you can bring that as well. Yoga for Everybody is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

9. What is yoga studio etiquette in a nutshell?

You will find our community here at Yoga for Everybody to be kind, thoughtful, and respectful. That’s really what it’s about: • Keep a low voice at all times (even if your class is over, someone else’s may be in final relaxation) • Don’t wear perfumes or strong scents of any kind. • Leave your shoes in the hallway  • Don’t use your cellphone in the practice rooms (if it can’t be off, have it on silent (not vibrate)). • Don’t bring in food • Need liquids during class? Use only containers with a tight lid. 

10. I REALLY want to go to class, but I’m expecting a VERY important phone call. What should I do?

We get it – life happens. Have a conversation with the teacher BEFORE class (please arrive early enough to do this in a non-disruptive way). Our rules around cell phone use are driven by our dedication to preserve the sacredness of the space.

11. Do I need to sign up for classes online (i.e. pre-register for classes)?

You do NOT have to sign-up for classes online unless it is a special class, such as on Thanksgiving day. You DO need to pre-register for workshops.

12. It’s my first yoga class ever at your studio. Is it free?

Unfortunately no but you can take advantage of our amazing offer of 3 consecutive weeks for $30 deal.

13. I just finished my 3 Weeks for $30 Special. Now what?

Near the end of your 3 weeks, you will receive an email letting you know that you can receive 10% the purchase of a class card if you purchase within 10 days from the end of your 3 weeks. You could also choose to become regular monthly member (10% discount does not apply here), which gives you unlimited yoga classes in that month. By in large, if you are practicing at least twice a week, this is the best option for you (even without it being eligible for the 10% off). See the Pricing page here for more information, stop by, or call.

14. Do you offer a discounts?

Yes, full time High School & full time Undergraduate students receive 50% off drop-ins and class cards. Just bring your student ID. Must be purchased in the office. Active Military and Veterans also receive 50% off drop-ins or class packages. Must show military ID in the office to be purchased. 

15. When am I ready to take the next level “up” yoga class?

The best advice we can give is to talk to one of your regular teachers.

16. How late is too late to join a class that has already started?

Oh yes, many of us have been there! Your safety in our classes is paramount; classes are structured in a way that warms and prepares the body for what’s next. Missing warm-up and jumping right into practice can be injurious. Here’s our stance: • If you arrive RIGHT when centering begins, enter the room quietly and take a seat right by the door • If you arrive in the middle of centering, wait until you can tell centering is over (there’s an Om or you otherwise see the shift) then quietly enter class room and setup for practice. • If when you arrived does not meet any of the criteria listed in the preceding bullets, you’re probable too late. We want you to be safe and we want to preserve the sanctity of the space the other students are in.

17. How long do I have to use my class card?

5 class cards are valid for 6 months from date of first use. 10 and 20 class cards are valid for 12 months from date of first use.

18. Can I freeze/suspend my monthly membership?

We do allow for one free suspension to your monthly auto-renew. The suspension must be for a minimum of 1 month but not longer than 6 months.  These suspensions are for when you are not able to practice at all, because you want to work off of a drop in or class package for a while. Suspensions are managed based on the billing cycle of the individual student. The first time is free; subsequent suspensions are subject to a $25 administrative fee. Call or stop by to discuss further.

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