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Yoga for Everybody is proud to host the Pranakriya  School of Healing Arts - 300 Hour Training Program.  This program is open to both (1) students who have already completed a 200-hour basic yoga teacher training with a certified yoga school and wish to pursue their 300-hour and (2) ANY yoga practitioner seeking to deepen their practice!


“Our body mind container must be strong and stable. Then we can fill it with energy from our practice and carry that energy everywhere we go as a heightened state of aliveness.”

Yoganand Michael Carroll, founder of Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts

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To learn more about Pranakriya, and the 300 Hour Teacher Training, click here.

Modules being offered at Yoga for Everybody:


        2018: Modules

CAPPA Labor Doula Training | February 23 - 25 | Abby Bordner
Anatomy for Yoga Practitioners & Teachers | March 9 - 13 | William Hufschmidt
Meditation: Theory & Teaching | July 13- 17 | Yoganand Michael Carroll
More Information: 300 HR Certification

You already know you don't have to be a yoga teacher, or have a desire to be one, to take these modules.  However if you ARE looking to pursue the 300 hour certification, here's how it works:

The program consists of 300+ hours of coursework and practicum, exceeding the Yoga Alliance standards. Completion of this program will earn you your RYT-300 designation from the Yoga Alliance. Within this program you will complete:

200+ hours of required core curriculum
80+ hours of specialized electives

There is no application procedure nor registration fees to start our 300-hour program, and students do not need to take the courses in any specific order. After completing an approved 200-hour yoga teacher training, you may take the required courses as we rotate through them at any of our host studios. We encourage teachers to participate in our training courses in a way that suits each one’s interest, time and financial well-being. Due to the nature of the advanced courses, we recommend students take three to four programs per year; completing certification in 3-4 years. We believe this allows for the greatest integration of the program material, opportunity to deepen your own practice, put the learning into your teaching and have time for reflection/questions before your next course. 

All 300-hour certification students must complete the following courses:
Anatomy for Yoga Practitioners & Teachers
Deepening the Asana Experience (take THREE of these Asana Courses – 20 hours each)
   Asanas for Yoga Workout 1
   Asanas for Yoga Workout 2
   Asanas for Meditative Posture 1
   Asanas for Meditative Posture 2
   Asanas for Gentle Yoga 1
   Teaching Restorative Yoga
Holding Space: The Energy & Anatomy of Touch
Meditation: Theory & Teaching
Pranayama: Theory & Teaching
The Client Relationship: Cultivating Intuitive Presence, Ethics & Boundaries
Yoga Philosophy (take ONE of these Tantric Hatha Yoga courses)
   Bhagavad Gita
   Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Asanas as Spiritual Doorways

NOTE: Ethics is required for students beginning their program in 2016 or who have only completed 5 or fewer programs by 2016.

Take An Additional 80+ Hours of your Choice from this list (Minimum 3 different courses) {Choose any courses from this list you have NOT taken to satisfy Core Requirements}:
Advanced Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
Advanced Skills for Hands-on Assisting and Manipulations
Asana for Gentle Yoga
Asana for Yoga Workout 1
Asana for Yoga Workout 2
Asana for Meditative Posture 1
Asana for Meditative Posture 2
Bhagavad Gita
Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Musculoskeletal Assessment
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
Teaching Restorative Yoga
Thai Sen Lines
Thai Sequencing and Transitions
Thai Yoga Basics
The Universe inside the Body of the Yogi: A Journey into the Chakras, Granthis, and Nadis
Yoga for Stress Management (available beginning 2018!)
Pranakriya yoga classes and programs are based on the Hatha Yoga teachings of Swami Kripalu.

Swami Kripalu was an ascetic yogi whose intensive practices led him to a very deep understanding of yoga, which he passed on to his students. His teachings were the inspiration behind Kripalu Yoga© as developed by Yogi Amrit Desai and taught at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts.

The teachings of Swami Kripalu are also the inspiration behind Pranakriya Yoga. Pranakriya Yoga was developed by Yoganand Michael Carroll, a long time student of Amrit Desai, Swami Kripalu, and other teachers in Swami Kripalu’s tradition.swamikripaluseatedsmiling-400px

Pranakriya Pricing: General Information

5-Day Programs…

                            $525+ material fees for Early Bird registration

                            $600+ material fees AFTER Early Bird registration

                            $300+ material fees for repeat attendance

                            $200+ material fees for Pranakriya Teachers Association (PKTA) Members

3-Day Programs...

                            $350+ material fees for Early Bird registration

                            $400+ material fees AFTER Early Bird registration

                            $200+ material fees for repeat attendance

                            $100+ material fees for PKTA Members

Please call or email the studio:
call: 203.254.YOGA (9642)

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