Yoga For Everybody Studio Policies


Please note that all sales are final; there are no refunds for classes, workshops or special events. Exceptions will be considered for special situations such as medical emergencies. In this situation a 25% processing fee will still be retained.

Please call within 2 weeks of your last class to discuss the situation (good for a credit only). Once your class session expiration date has arrived, those classes are no longer valid. Class cards are non-transferable.

Workshop sales: There are no refunds. A full credit (minus sales tax) will be issued to your Yoga for Everybody account if you cancel within 7 days.  At 6-2 days a 50% credit(minus sales tax) to your Yoga for Everybody account. Day of there is no credit at all. If a medical emergency arises (dated documentation must be provided) arises, a 25% processing fee is retained.




You can register for any class up to 4 weeks in advance and any workshop or series as soon as it is listed on our website.


  • On-line registration for classes ends 30 minutes before a class starts.


  • If you can't make it to class you must un-register online at least 1 hour prior to its beginning to avoid being charged for that class and to allow time for someone else to take your spot. (Please do not call the studio as you will only get an answering machine)


  • When you arrive to the studio please sign-in either by letting the desk staff know you are there, or by swiping your key tag at the self-serve kiosk.  Registering for a class on-line only ensures a spot in class; it does not actually sign you in.


  • If you do not arrive to class within 10 minutes of the start you risk the chance of losing your reservation.   9 minutes prior to class time we allow people on the wait list to take reserved spots.


  • When you register for a class and don't show up (without cancelling prior), 5 times in one year you will lose your on-line registration privileges.


  • As always please remain courteous to your fellow yoga students and try to arrive at least 10 minutes before class to make sure you are signed in and settled into the room before centering begins.


Early Bird Pricing: 
Early bird pricing is a discounted rate sometimes offered for early registration for a workshop. An early bird price is only offered if indicated and for the specific dates indicated and is not negotiable (eg because you heard about the workshop after the date had passed).

We hope early bird pricing offers those who are willing to make a commitment ahead of time for an event the encouragement to sign up in advance of a specific date.  If you are unsure whether you will be able to participate in a workshop, please note the above workshop sales policy applies to all workshop sales.


New Students:

To expedite your check in process, please print a new student form and bring it with you filled out.  Minors (16 and under) require a parent or guardian signature on their form.

Adult Registration Form

Minor Registration Form (age 16 and under)

Cell phone usage is not permitted in the studio.  We prefer you extend this request to texting as well.  It's best just to leave your phone locked in your glove compartment of your car.

We are not responsible for any items left at the studio. Any items left behind will be placed in our "lost & found" bin in the back room for a period of 30 days only. Any items left beyond 30 days will be sent to Goodwill.

Restorative yoga classes are limited capacity in size.  You should reserve your space in the class on-line prior to arriving.  Due to the class limit, this assures that you will have a space in the room as long as you arrive within 10 minutes of the start time. At 10 minutes prior to the class, anyone on the waitlist will be welcomed into the room.  We have a different arrival policy. To help foster the tranquility, the lobby is closed 2-3 minutes before the start time.  We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of class so that you can collect your props and get settled. If you arrive less than 2-3 minutes before, or after the start time of class, you will be asked to wait outside the studio on the landing.  You'll then be able to join the class after centering is over if there is still room.
Please take at least 6-8 weeks following surgery before returning to yoga, and then begin with restorative and gentle yoga and slowly build your practice and abilities up safely. Bring a doctor's note allowing you to return, and arrive early so you can let your teacher know that you are returning from surgery.
Storm Cancellation Policy:
The decision to cancel a class depends on the weather, where the teacher is coming from and the type of class. Please check the office answering machine to see if a class is being held. The machine will be updated at least one hour prior to the class that is being cancelled.
We do not provide child care services and there should be no persons or children in the lobby during classes except Yoga for Everybody staff.


If it is raining, the decision to cancel or relocate a beach yoga or 
qi gong/tai chi class depends on the nature of the weather and studio availability. The studio can be used as a back up for yoga on Saturday but not Sunday. The roof under Penfield I can also be an option. The best bet is to go to the beach and see what is happening there. If no one is at the beach (check Penfield II also renamed the Jacky Durrell Pavilion, Penfield I, and the sand), on Saturday go to the studio for yoga, on Sunday class is cancelled. It is also possible that the studio phone will have a message posted but it is not always possible to do this before class starts at 7 a.m.

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