Yoga For Everybody Classes

Gentle Yoga

This class offers a slower pace and incorporates postures (standing, sitting, lying down), breath work, and meditation that is accessible to all levels. This class offers students plenty of space to experience the postures in their body, work with the breath, and explore the gentle union of movement and ease. 


Yin/Gentle Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga that applies moderate stress to the connective tissues —the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—to foster optimum lubrication, range of motion and vitality in the body as a whole (as opposed to warming and stretching muscles). Poses, often with props, are held for approximately 3-5 minutes each. Open to all levels of experience.

Gentle/Viniyoga Yoga

Viniyoga is a form of Gentle Yoga with emphasis on tailoring the yoga practice to the unique body of the individual.  A Viniyoga class encourages adaptation of the pose to meet the particular needs of the student, balances repetition of movement with maintaining a pose, promotes moving with the breath, and wholistic sequencing of postures that considers the entire practice.  Open to all levels of experience. 



This yoga practice is extremely gentle and is suitable for everybody, the new student up to the advanced practitioner. Using breathing techniques and guided visualization, the body is supported by blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps in a series of postures intended to allow deep relaxation. This style of yoga addresses mental & physical stress, fatigue and tension while revitalizing the body. 

Level 1 Yoga 

This yoga class is open to new and experienced students. It includes a centering, stretches, asanas (yoga postures) standing, sitting, and lying down, with explanations of how to come in and out of postures. There is attention to breathing and alignment of the body. Students generally feel inner peace, relaxation, and a sense of renewal from this class.

Level 1 & 2 (Mixed Level) 

Level 1&2 classes build on the foundational poses introduced in Level 1 classes. It may introduce the basics of more challenging poses while always offering modifications to customize the class to fit your needs and level of experience of each student.

Where delineated with Kripalu, teacher is a graduate of the Kripalu lineage.

Flow Yoga - based in vinyasa style

In this style of yoga, movement is synchronized to the breath. This style allows for a lot of variety: sitting, balancing, possible inverting, or lying down. It will almost always include one or more of the salutations (sun A, Sun B, Sun C, or moon) and will not just build heat with movement, but also incorporate holding of poses for differing lengths of time. Prior yoga experience is recommended.

Vigorous Flow - based in vinyasa style

Vigorous Flow Yoga involves synchronizing breath with a progressively more difficult series of linked poses or postures. Combined, this energizing and dynamic series of yoga poses offer a practice that increases core stability, strength, flexibility and endurance. The hallmarks of this spirited practice are the strong focus on core and the steady breathing that connect one pose to the next. You will leave class feeling energized and realize you have experienced all the elements of a practice that is a vigorous workout and a constant steady moving meditation.

Level 2 (Intermediate)

Level 2 classes are designed to expand your strength, stamina and flexibility. Expect possible arm balances, inversions, backbends as well as challenging sequences.

Core Yoga 

Our core is both the literal and energetic center of our balance and strength. Many of us shut down around this area causing back pain, mis-aligned posture, suppressed  emotions, and even poor digestion. Awaken your core and become strong & resilient both on and off your mat! A combination of stretching as well as strengthening poses. Learn how to activate and engage with your core in simple to more challenging poses.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is an old authentic system of yoga exercise and meditation that promote health, happiness and spiritual awareness. It is a complete science that combines postures (asanas) dynamic movement, sound current (mantra) breath (pranayam) and meditation into powerful sets called kriyas.
It is designed to provide you with the experience of your highest consciousness through the raising of Kundalini. Kundalini Yoga brings a greater feeling of well-being and happiness - our natural birthright as humans.

Radiant Lotus Qigong (RLWQ)

The word Qigong is made up of two Chinese words. "Qi", pronounced chee, translates to mean life force or vital energy that flows through all things in nature. "Gong", pronounced gung, means accomplishment or cultivation through steady practice. Together, Qigong means cultivating energy; it is a system practiced for health improvement, healing and increasing one's energy. Gentle Qigong "exercises" (slow flowing movements), sound healing, self-massage and acupressure, meditation, and “Qi” walking are the components of the program. Each class teaches powerful ways to clear the organs, breast, lymphatic and reproductive areas of stuck energy, and at the same time, lessen stress, build resilience and rise above obstacles in our lives. This program has been tested around the world and in hospital settings. . 


Taught in a variety of styles and traditions. Meditation is a technique used to rest the mind while focusing it on the inward rather than the external world and thoughts. (see descriptions below under Meditation)


The program consists of sitting meditation listening to Japji recitation yoga set (postures and breath). Morning meditation with 62 min of chanting. Warm ups and yoga set (kriya) morning meditation consisting of the same 7 chants (one for each chakra) followed by relaxation. There is very little music, with softer background music and mantras. It is not limited to experienced students, although there will not be guidance and directions for people new to Kundalini. All are welcome, please contribute what you feel this community class is worth to you. There will be a "contribution" jar at the studio that morning. If possible, sign up in advance to help us plan for handouts. Wearing white is preferred but not an obligation.

Prenatal Yoga

The prenatal class is designed for expectant mothers. Modified postures will help ease the discomforts that come along with pregnancy. Prepare for childbirth while releasing stress and the worries of pregnancy. Permission from your OB/GYN caretaker is requested before attending class.

Baby & Me Yoga

This class is for new caregivers and their babies 6 weeks of age or older, who are not yet crawling. Stretch, bond, and breathe with your baby in this special yoga class designed for caregivers (mothers, fathers, adult relatives!) and their babies. Babies are natural yogis! Each class explores gentle yoga and massage techniques for babies, which help aid in digestion, gas and colic relief, improved sleep patterns, and add in the development of fine and gross motor skills. We also incorporate partner poses and playful songs to help create a casual, comfortable bonding environment. Dress comfortably and bring a receiving blanket for your little one.

Beach Yoga

This mixed level yoga class is held on the Jackie Durrell Pavilion at Penfield Beach in Fairfield. These Multi-level classes allow you to see where you can go with poses while encouraging you to be where you are. Runs July - Aug.  No beach sticker is required. Map to Penfield Beach.

Community Class

This is a FREE Level 1&2 class taught by teachers who are either new to the area or newer to teaching. Students should have some yoga experience. This class is offered about once a month.

Meditation at Yoga For Everybody Classes


Seated Gong & Pranayama

We are constantly being vibrated, on a cellular level, by heard and unheard frequencies. Sound has a tremendous influence over human functionality. Sound is vibration that causes resonance and rhythm in our bodies, touches us and influences our emotions like no other source of input or expression. Due to the demands of our daily lives, the increase in stress related disease in modern society is of little wonder. Stress, which might be defined as “an over ramping of the nervous system” has many contributors. Many external influences have a proven effect on our well being…and so do the sounds of a gong bath. The Gong is one of man’s oldest therapeutic instruments, and is used in yoga, sound meditation and vibrational therapy from the distant past to present. A gong bath meditation is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system and serves as a facilitator to break up emotional, physiological and spiritual blockages. Sound and music are nutrients for the nervous system. The auditory mechanism s a mega-portal to the brain and sonic tools empower health, learning and productivity. Due to its nature, the Gong resonates all cells of the body simultaneously in a most powerful and effective way. The goal, in all healing, meditative spiritual and transformational pursuits is to raise and individuals frequency and thereby changing a person’s nature of being, restoring and intrinsic state of balance. This class will start with a breathing technique followed by the gong meditation.

Self Healing Meditation

The practice of self-healing meditation is just this: resting the mind in silence and space, allowing it time to recover and rejuvenate. Meditation does not mean sitting in a perfect state of peace while having no thoughts. Instead of attention being drawn off by whatever thought happens to present itself, in meditation, you watch your thoughts from a different, more stabilized perspective. You're training yourself to place your attention where and when you want. It gives you the ability to direct your thoughts (and mood) in more productive and peaceful directions. This ability has profound self-healing implications for physical and mental health.

Sound Healing Meditation

Qigong Sound Healing works on a deep level of vibration with the inside of the body: the organs, cells, bones, as well as the breast, reproductive and hormonal systems. Qigong sound healing is like chanting a soft lullaby to the internal make-up of our bodies. When we chant these sounds we facilitate the breakup of stagnant qi and infuse the body with vitality and fresh energy. Repressed emotions within the body will come out when chanting these sounds on a regular basis.

Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a profound, deceptively simple and scientifically based tool for physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Through the use of specific guided visualizations the practitioner is able to enter a state of deep rest and penetrate the otherwise inaccessible recesses of the mind. This class will include simple yoga postures/asana to prepare the body to be guided into for deep guided relaxation. Systematic relaxation of the body and senses through the use of guided visualization allows the individual practicing Yoga Nidra to move with consciousness into the sub-conscious and unconscious realms and open up the possibility of releasing the ingrained patterns that bind us and cause our suffering. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED.


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